Main menu:

  • Run the application; open the section “To learn”. Start learning the multiplication table.
  • If you are sure in your forces, then pass over to the game.

Game settings:

  1. It is necessary to choose the arithmetic operation you need (multiplication or division);
  2. Then you should chose the way of entering the answer: by figures or by multiple choice;
  3. Then you choose the level of complexity:
    • Little asterisk- easy level, the pirate shoots slowly;
    • Two little asterisks- middle level of complexity;
    • Big bold asterisk- old salt. The pirate shoots much more often.
  4. Then you choose by the means of the slide the range of figures, by which the equations will be derived.
  5. Then you press start and “fight”.


  1. The figure at the top on the left, near the cannon ball, shows the number of equations left till the end of the game;
  2. The fulfillment of the cannon over the ship shows the number of answers left till the shoot;
  3. The stripes over the ships show the number of shoots they can pass.

ATTENTION: if you failed and the pirate sank your ship, the game is still going on in order to see the result.

In the menu you may see the history of the fights and trace the progress.